Microsoft Exchange hosted via Microsoft Office 365
LogMeIn Pro
Remotely monitored Antivirus and Malware Protection
Monthly backup log review and backup success verification
OpenDNS Umbrella Web Filtering

Monthly service pack and security updates on one server
Monthly service pack and security updates on computers
1TB offsite backup included (additional space can be quoted)
Event log review and troubleshooting based on findings
Monitoring of key network components for health and uptime and issue resolution
Yearly backup and restore of file and SQL backups
Documentation of physical computer and server inventory yearly
Monthly firmware updates for key networking equipment and hardware including computers

Additional Support – $95 per hour (5% off retail rate)

One Time Setup fee: $200 + $15 each for each computer/server
This items covers getting your environment setup for our support. We will install LogMeIn Pro on all machines, invite users to their computers that would like remote control, and setup our update software to be ready to service your environment.