As you may recall, we sent out an alert in November about a serious virus entitled Cryptolocker. Following that post, there were very few of our users that reported getting this infection. Unfortunately, that has begun to change. In the past three weeks, we have cleaned this infection off of three separate networks. It requires a full restore of the backup in most cases if it is not caught immediately. While our clients can rest assured that we are properly backing up their data, the restoration process itself is incredibly intrusive to productivity while underway.

We have noticed within our own email system that we are now regularly receiving emails that are infected with this virus. An example of one such email is below:

Cryptolocker email
An email masquerading as an eFax from J2 is actually a link to an infected ZIP file.

The main purpose of this alert is simply to encourage you to redouble your efforts to educate both yourselves and your coworkers about the danger posed by this virus. Any data not properly backed up becomes encrypted and must be restored unless a ransom is paid to decrypt the data. While antivirus and antimalware software can be helpful, the chief defense against an infection like this is skepticism of unsolicited emails, especially those with links or attachments. Emails will commonly look like tracking information, banking information, or an eFax.

As always, if you need our help, just reach out by calling 866.933.4359 or by emailing